Want Great Health? Start With Your Food!

Eat Whole and Vibrant Food Every Day – Your First Priority
There are many, many factors that play into how healthy we are, or are not. But one of the very most important ones of all is what we choose to eat each day, and from this point of view, we can combine the words “healthy” and “lifestyle” because a “lifestyle” means how we make decisions every day. So a “healthy lifestyle” means consciously and deliberately choosing actions on a daily basis, to the best of our ability, which limit our chances of creating disease while maximizing our opportunities for creating vibrant health. Making wise food choices every day is the first step to creating a healthy lifestyle that will have significant positive impact on our health. Most people eat devitalized, chemical laden, nutrient deficient, genetically manipulated and processed foods on a regular basis and over time, that kind of diet will cause degeneration in health and lead to disease. So, start with understanding what good food choices are and then eat that way each day because everything else (supplements, detoxification, natural medicine, etc.) then springs forth from there. Once a healthy diet has become routine, it actually gets easier and easier to add more healthy lifestyle options that improve health even more as time moves forward.

Make It Natural – As Nature Intended and Your Body Requires
I’ve been living a “natural living lifestyle” for nearly 25 years now, and I will share with you that not only do I love it, but that I have also benefited immensely from it. To live “naturally” means to shy away from synthetic and chemicalized foods, products and medicines and rather to use what the body intended all along: stuff from Nature. And a magical thing happens when you give the body what it needs: it heals, and symptoms of disease often go away! At the time of this writing I am 50 years old, yet most people think I’m in my 30s! Sure, I have had some semi-serious health problems, but I have treated them naturally (with the help of professionals) and I have gotten better; plus, I am not on any synthetic drugs, which only manage symptoms anyway and can also cause horrible side effects (because they’re synthetic!). I live what I preach, in a big way, because I fully believe in it. The “natural lifestyle” is really about doing what Nature has intended all along for our health, and although it may seem complicated at first (and certainly contrary to mainstream media), it really isn’t difficult at all once you put it into practice.

If You Want A Healthy Lifestyle – I Offer You A Starting Point
That’s where I come in: my mission is to help you understand the essentials of how to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can get up to speed as quickly as possible. My goal is to help you understand the various intricacies of exactly what a healthy lifestyle looks like, based on natural living principles, and then how to take the next steps. I am most interested in helping anyone who is ready to cross that bridge, but is somewhat unsure of where to start. And if that’s you, then here is what I have for you:

  1. My book, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living, which outlines 11 major health categories one should understand in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle. My book is available as a softcover book, on Amazon’s Kindle, or as an eBook, and it can also be read in its entirety at my other website, TheNaturalGuide.com. It’s really a great book that I put a lot of time and effort into and it gives a comprehensive overview of how to start a healthy lifestyle.
  2. My 9 healthy recipes that are delicious and easy to make. Eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy food every single day is absolutely essential to maintaining good health and/or reversing disease. Most people do not know how to prepare delicious meals from whole foods (e.g., not from a can or a box) and therefore their diet compromises their health. My healthy recipes are available in DVD format for convenience and are also on YouTube. Printable instructions are included.

I love living a natural healthy lifestyle and I hope that I am able to inspire you to do so as well. It’s truly the way to the best health we can have on this planet. I hope you join me! Here are my resources for you:

My Book | My Healthy Recipes 

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