Measles Outbreak Hysteria, Forced Vaccination and the Loss of Our Health Freedom

Measles Outbreak Hysteria, Forced Vaccination and the Loss of Our Health Freedom


For so, so many reasons, I absolutely oppose forced vaccination of the populace. Forcing children and/or adults to be vaccinated against their will is both medical tyranny and government tyranny. The State does not own our bodies, and should not be in the business of dictating medical procedures to its citizens. The measles outbreak hysteria generated by the pharmaceutical industry and fueled by a media with a huge conflict of interest – since the pharmaceutical industry pays the media with advertising dollars – has our populace screaming for forced vaccination unto itself. This is called Problem/Reaction/Solution and is used all the time to get the populace to cry out for the government to do something, and it each time, it is the stripping of our civil rights and rights to be free in society.

Truly, where has everyone’s common sense gone? Even if vaccines were 100% safe – and they absolutely are not – the State should not be dictating medical procedures, like administering vaccines, for the populace.

Even if you are pro-vaccine, where is the common sense in mandating that everyone should be vaccinated – injected with a substance that could be harmful to some people – which could then lead to even more government intrusion into our personal lives? Every sane citizen should oppose involuntary medical procedures – vaccination or otherwise – when dictated by the State. It is your duty and all of our duty to challenge this kind of egregious behavior by state officials who say they are acting on our behalf. They aren’t: they are acting on the behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. Do something about it. Get involved. Fight back.

Learn why vaccines are dangerous for some children and even adults by reviewing my resource links below. Vaccines and vaccination probably do way more harm than good overall, and we are healthy in spite of vaccines, not because of vaccines. In my video I briefly share 5 books devoted to vaccination or the problems with vaccines and vaccination so I hope you’ll consider reading even one of them. And if not, I have plenty of websites you can review and then discover for yourself the dangers of vaccines and vaccination. So, learn a little, and act now, because if we don’t stop these bills from passing, I can assure you of this: there absolutely will come a time when the government mandates vaccination for the entire adult population. And you will not like that. And neither will I. Get involved. Share the video or this post and do something about it!

FREEDOM: The idea that we can control our own destiny. Mandated forced vaccination of the populace is not freedom, no matter how you look at it, whether pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or somewhere in the middle. It’s tyranny. If the government wants “health” for its populace, then: ban GMO food, ban persistent pesticides, ban artificial food additives, ban violence on TV, ban pharmaceutical drugs that cause side effects, ban fluoride in our water supply, ban irradiation, ban MSG, ban Aspartame, and ban the liars in the media who talk about the “safety” of vaccines. They are not safe. We should not be subjugated to medical procedures against our will, for any reason, whatsoever. If the government wants health for its people, there are LOTS of things it can do that does not involve forced medical procedures on its population. Oppose legislation that would force your children, and you, to get injected with any substance against your will – it is wrong at the most basic level of human rights. If anything, we should all be using this media hype about the measles outbreak – and the resultant proposed legislation to remove exemptions – as a springboard to roll back mandated vaccinations altogether! If you like my video, please share it.




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