Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Review: A Great Antiperspirant That Works!

IT WORKS – NO BODY ODOR! I’ve been using natural deodorant for a very long time now, and unfortunately, if it’s been a long day, or I’m overly stressed, or I work out hard at the gym, I still get body odor. I recently heard about Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant and decided to buy a bottle and try it myself. WOW! I just finished an intense 50 minute strength training Pilates class – where I am always dripping in sweat within a couple of minutes – and there was NO body odor. Unbelievable! I’m sold, and had to make this video review. Keep in mind, there are conventional antiperspirants with aluminum in them and they do work, but aluminum clogs everything up (why it works), is extremely toxic to the body, and really should be banned from all personal care products. So, if you get body odor and want an all natural solution, try Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, because it really does work!

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: