Laryngitis and Sore Throat Remedy: Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger and Cayenne Tea


Laryngitis and Sore Throat Remedy: Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger and Cayenne Tea

Actress Natalie Mitchell needs her vocal chords working at all times for her work, and when they aren’t, she makes her favorite sore throat remedy: Natalie’s Amazing Ginger Tea! This all-natural laryngitis remedy is made from raw apple cider vinegar (such as Bragg’s apple cider vinegar), cayenne pepper, fresh lemon juice, ginger (raw or powder), honey (or agave) and an herbal tea. So if you have a sore throat, laryngitis or sore vocal chords and need a natural remedy to quickly heal your throat, try Natalie’s Amazing Ginger Tea!

Hi. My name’s Natalie, and I hate when I can’t talk because of a cold, that is. I’m going to tell you how to make Natalie’s amazing ginger tea. The first thing to do is get a cup of piping hot tea, caffeine-free. Mine happens to be liquorice. Then, you’re going to get your apple cider vinegar, Bragg’s or another organic brand. Then, you’re going to open it up and put a dollop of apple cider vinegar. Next, you’re going to get lemons, and you’re going to squeeze generously into the tea. Make sure it doesn’t squirt on you. Good. Next thing, you’re going to get cayenne pepper. Make sure you open it on the small side, not the big side. Put three shakes or whatever you can handle. Next, some ginger root. You can do this in powder form on in raw form. Lastly, just to counterbalance all of those flavors, you’re going to pick your favorite honey. Make sure it’s locally sourced or use agave. Stir it all up together, so that everything dissolves and the honey dissolves inside. Then, make sure your tea bag comes out too. Good, and dive right in. Mmmm (affirmative). It’s tasty too. Let’s see if it works. Bumble bee, bumble bee, bumble bee, bumble bee, bumble bee, bumble bee, bumble bee, don’t sting me. It works! My voice is back to new, thanks to Natalie’s amazing ginger tea. If you like this video, hit the “like” button, and please subscribe to this channel to see more videos from me, Natalie. Please make comments on what else you’d like to learn on how to keep your body, your instrument, working in tip top shape. Thank you, and see you next time.

Natalie Mitchell