Trupanion Pet Insurance Review – STAY AWAY!!!

Trupanion Pet Insurance Review – STAY AWAY!!!


Like so, so many other people, I’ve also been burned by Trupanion Pet Insurance. They have an entire scheme running where they nearly always find a reason not to pay, and the way they do this is often by saying such and such is a preexisting condition, and therefore, Trupanion Pet Insurance will not cover it. It’s just one really big scam.

In my case, after my cat was attacked by a raccoon, I decided it might be a good idea to get pet insurance. I asked my vet who they recommended and they said that Trupanion Pet Insurance was a great company to go with. Hah! I recently discovered they send reps to vets and so that vets will recommend Trupanion. That needs to change. I digress.

So, a few years later my cat wasn’t eating food, was obviously in pain, and I took him to the vet. He had an infected tooth that had to be pulled. I submitted the claim to Trupanion and it was denied because in the chart notes of my cat there was mention of “tarter” on a tooth. My vet told me on the phone this was ridiculous, she wrote an appeal, and they denied the appeal. Take a look:

Letter to Trupanion Pet Insurance by my vet



Trupanion Pet Insurance denies my vet’s appeal

Unfortunately, I am not the only one that’s been scammed by Trupanion Pet Insurance. By a long shot. If you do a search on the Internet for “Trupanion Review” you will find several websites where pet owners were denied insurance for the same scammy reason why I was denied: supposed “preexisting conditions.” Here are just a few screen shots, and then I’ll give you some links:

Trupanion Reviews

Big picture regarding Trupanion Pet Insurance? Well, if you love to gamble and lose, go with Trupanion Pet Insurance. Otherwise, it’s best to either not get insurance at all, or find a company that doesn’t scam it’s customers by creating absurd arguments that a pet’s medical needs will not be covered by them. Trupanion is a sham company – don’t fall for their lies.

Except for the screenshots, all writing on this page is Larry Cook’s OPINION and only an opinion, and should not be construed or considered to be “factual.”



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